That’s a Wrap: Never Buy Wrapping Paper Again!

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Check out this roundup of the best DIY gift packaging tutorials from around the blogosphere.

It happens to the best of us — devoting time and energy to find a personalized, thoughtful gift for someone, only to burn out on creativity at the end and shove that perfect present into a cheap, store-bought gift bag from

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the clearance section at the local drugstore. We all know presentation is important and sometimes we just need a little inspiration in the form of imaginative posts from some of the internet’s most innovative craft bloggers.

Forget the store-bought gift boxes, the multi-packs of gift bags, and the yawn-worthy treat tins. Turn to these templates and tutorials for ideas on how to make your gift wrap as special as the surprise inside.

  • Make Your Own Box Using Paint Chips

    With a box this beautiful, no further wrapping is necessary! How About Orange presents a tutorial along with a downloadable template for how to make this simple gift box out of spare paint chips lying around the house (or easily and freely acquired at a home improvement store!). As a fun twist, different colors can be adapted for different holidays and recipients – red and green paint chips would make some pretty nifty Christmas boxes, no?

  • Make Your Own Bag Using Scrapbook Paper

    Hello Sandwich’s step-by-step photo tutorial for DIY giftbags boils down to origami – just simple paper folding. Using this guide and handles repurposed from shopping bags, gift bags can be created from any kind of paper lying around the house. Not only is this a handy method for dealing with odd-sized gifts, it also leaves limitless possibilities for customization.

  • Craft Your Own Treat Containers

    After going to the trouble of baking your own candies or treats, surely a handmade container is the only appropriate way to get them into the hands of your lucky recipients (and hopefully soon after into their bellies!). An elaborate tulip-inspired presentation from Camille Style is sure to wow with baked goods and larger items, while sewn paper pouches from Peppermint Plus are perfect for candies and other small treats.

  • Design Your Own Gift Card or Money Holders

    Gift cards and cash aren’t the most personal gifts – but sometimes they are the most appropriate or desired ones! A homemade presentation can make monetary gifts feel much more unique and intimate. Studio DIY presents an idea for a discreet and charming cash pocket that can be added to either store bought or homemade cards, while Just Crafty Enough designed elaborate felt pouches perfect for either gift cards or money – and included downloadable templates to boot.

  • Wrap with Homemade Fabric

    In the spirit of not letting a single scrap of material go to waste, Unruly Things shares inspiration for wrapping gifts using handmade printed fabric. This idea is not just charming, but practical – the fabric itself becomes yet another present for the gift receiver. Store-bought stamps can make this project a snap, while those feeling crafty can design their own for complete customization.